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Academic Services

I had a lot of great experiences throughout my academic career. My hope is to support others, helping them enjoy the sciences and access opportunities as I had the good fortune to do. Available services include STEM Tutoring and Technical Writing.

With distance learning becoming the norm, extra learning support is only going to become more important. Don’t wait until it’s an emergency to call me for help!

STEM Tutoring

I am compassionate, and a great listener. This helps me tune in to every student’s unique learning style to serve them best. I have learned these skills through tutoring students of ages 14 and up in math and science in various settings since 2009. Working with students of many diverse backgrounds at community colleges have been some of my most rewarding experiences. I love tutoring, and I have a great respect for the learning process.

I work hard to explain subjects in a way which is understandable by my individual client. If my student has not understood my explanation, it is my responsibility to find a new way to explain the material. I work with students using the Socratic method, asking questions that lead my clients to the answers they seek. I value this method because it reveals how problems which seem quite difficult can be broken into smaller, more manageable steps. I emphasize the problem solving process a lot in my sessions so that my students can make more progress on their own after our session is over.

Some recent successes of mine have been helping a pre-med student understand organic chemistry while taking a screaming fast accelerated class, helping a medical student get a literature review past their advisors, and hearing a high school student say “I used to think [chemistry] was evil, but now it’s kind of fun!”

What do I tutor?

In Math, I tutor just about anything from basic math skills to vector calculus. This includes basic probability, but excludes statistics. I can cover many subjects in chemistry as well. Introductory/general, organic, thermodynamics, kinetics, and arrow-pushing mechanisms. I love to help with physics problems, too. I do intro physics with calculus. Both mechanics and electricity and magnetism. Need to learn how to do something on the computer? I can help with that, too. (If you have a computer project that you just want to be done, see my consulting services.)

A general list of topics:

Algebra, Calculus, Pre-Calculus, SAT Math, Trigonometry, Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physics, General Science, Geometry, Math, Trigonometry, ACT, GRE, GED, Study Skills, MCAT Chemistry and Physics, etc.

How do you know if tutoring is right for you?

Students of all ages, skill levels, and progressions of formal education can benefit from the quality tutoring services offered by an experienced tutor.

People who could benefit from tutoring services are those who are:

  • struggling with learning topics for the first time
  • taking accelerated classes
  • working a lot and need to be efficient with study time
  • revisiting past topics to renew their proficiency
  • developing effective study habits
  • filling gaps in knowledge necessary for current class work
  • curious about how ideas connect to each other and the greater universe

Technical Writing

Technical writing is a skill and task that can open doors to a wide variety of opportunities. You may be applying for grants, scholarships, other academic opportunities, or communicating research methods and results. In any of these cases, you need to communicate clearly and thoroughly, and every word matters.

I can support you at every stage of the writing process. Coaching on structure, communicating complex ideas, editing for completeness, flow, and clarity… Just about anything with the exception of writing it for you.