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Classes By Appointment

I am now offering classes by appointment for small groups. Check out my available classes below, and let’s arrange a time to learn a new skill and make stuff!

In recognition of COVID, classes will be held outside under a tent canopy to allow for safe social distancing and adequate ventilation. Mask wearing will be required.

Vibrant Cloth Dyeing

Dyeing your clothes is a great way to renew your wardrobe, and it’s a fun art project to do in a group. You can tie-dye, and there are a lot of other techniques you can use as well. For groups of 2 – 4, I will guide a workshop where you get to dye several […]

Soap Making and Chemistry

Groups of 2 – 4 will make soap using the cold process method, and we will briefly discuss the chemistry involved. Participants will take home approximately 1 pound of their home-made soap. ATTENTION! Soap making involves handing a solution of Sodium Hydroxide Lye. Contact with this chemical can cause burns and damage clothing. Please wear […]