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Soap Making and Chemistry

Groups of 2 – 4 will make soap using the cold process method, and we will briefly discuss the chemistry involved. Participants will take home approximately 1 pound of their home-made soap.

ATTENTION! Soap making involves handing a solution of Sodium Hydroxide Lye. Contact with this chemical can cause burns and damage clothing. Please wear long sleeves and non-precious clothing. I will supply goggles and gloves. Young children will not be allowed to participate in soap-making.

I intend to bring things that you can mix into your soap, including some scents, teas, etc. BUT! I might not have everything you want!

Optional things to bring to add to your soap:

  • essential oils
  • tea
  • dried flowers
  • pigments
  • silicone molds (if you like special shapes)

ATTENTION! Due to the hazards inherent in cold process soap making, registering for this workshop means that you accept all responsibility and liability for your health and safety, as well as potential injury related to the event and handling your soap which is generally not safe to touch for 24 hours.


Materials fee: $15 to make 4-5 bars of soap (about 1 pound, tax included)

Tuition: $15 per person