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Vibrant Cloth Dyeing

Dyeing your clothes is a great way to renew your wardrobe, and it’s a fun art project to do in a group. You can tie-dye, and there are a lot of other techniques you can use as well.

For groups of 2 – 4, I will guide a workshop where you get to dye several pieces of clothing or other cloth, and learn about the process, and some relevant basic chemistry concepts.

Dye projects need time to cure and be laundered. They will be ready to pick up one week after your workshop.

Choosing and preparing the piece(s) to dye

First, you need to find something that you’d like to dye. It’s important that the material be made of at least 90% cotton, linen, silk, wool, or rayon. This should be clearly indicted in a tag inside the neck or waist seams of a shirt, or the back of the waist of a pair of pants. While lower percentages will still take some dye, understand that you will get a pastel, or faded coloration.

The color of the piece should be light, like white, light grey, or khaki beige.

The fabric should be new, or very gently used. Dyeing old, worn fabric can weaken it and shorten its usable lifetime.

Wash the piece once or twice and try it on again to make sure it is the right size. If it hasn’t been washed before dyeing, it could shrink.


Materials Fee: $5 for dyes

Tuition: $20 per person