Zeke Cato Enterprise
IT Consulting
Math, science, and technology tutoring

Relieve Technology Anxiety

Achieve your goals with existing and new investments for your non-profit, small business, and home.

  • Small Office/Home Office installations
  • Networking/Internet
  • Website and domain setups
  • Google Workspace administration
  • Web services for running your business
  • Training computer skills… and more!

Empowering artists and community organizations on a budget

I love supporting artists and small organizations creating a more fun, loving, and just world. Not every project needs fancy new equipment, and I can even help you access special benefits for non-profits through TechSoup.org.

Long-term solutions engineered for efficiency

When you turn to technology to solve a problem, you want to experience less labor, not more complications. As a person installing and maintaining these systems, I feel exactly the same way! I want to move on to new projects, and that means creating solutions that feel simple and require minimal maintenance. That lets YOU move onto new projects, too.

Computer and Small Electronics Repair

I also perform hardware maintenance, repair, and upgrades. Cracked screens, sticky keys, memory and storage upgrades, operating system upgrades, etc. With support for Windows and Mac.

Supporting USI Fiber internet installations

Free 1-hour installation planning session if you give my name as your referral. I have a great account manager that I can connect you with to make switching to our local Minneapolis internet service provider super easy.

Remote Options Available

For many assessments and services that don’t require changes to hardware, we can work remotely. I do this by using remote assistance software to create a secure, one-time connection between our computers to collect information and perform services in a completely transparent way.