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Sensitively Simple

Sensitively Simple is a natural body care project by Zeke Cato with the purpose of creating effective and sustainable products that are suitable for all skin types, especially sensitive skin.

Zeke has applied his training as a chemist to develop simple formulas using natural products that complement the body’s natural methods for taking care of itself.

Sensitively Simple products are great for people who want to use natural, effective, gentle, and sustainable products that combine holistic ideals and chemical practicality.

Where to buy Sensitively Simple Products

In stores: Available exclusively at Jack’s Hardware and Farm Supply! 2201 E Franklin Ave, Minneapolis, MN.

B3 (Basic Body Butter)

A nourishing and soothing solid moisturizing oil for frequent washers and hard working hands. Best applied on damp skin. Ingredients: Shea butter, jojoba extract.

We get our shea butter from Global Mamas.

Learn more about jojoba.