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Website Development

I have spent a lot of time doing independent study in the world of modern web application development. Coming from my experience where having a server running was the assumption, I became fascinated with the new world of ‘serverless’ applications, and the jamstack. Here are some of the technologies I’ve worked with:

I deployed an app on AWS for a local nonprofit: An integration between Shopify and Sendgrid to enable some custom emails to be sent based on what customers ordered in the Shopify store.

I explored the major front end frameworks: React (my favorite), Angular, Vue, Svelte

Experimented with database technologies: MongoDB, Postgres, Fauna, SQL

Used static site generators to bring together CMS data with 3rd party APIs: Gatsby, Sapper (now SvelteKit), Gridsome

New projects are always ongoing. Check out some examples below:


This website you are browsing is part of my portfolio! The content starts in WordPress configured as a headless CMS. The site itself is written in React using Gatsby for routing and pulling data into the page templates, styled using TailwindCSS and Tailwind UI, and hosted on Netlify. I love this stack because it’s super cheap to host everything, the communities for the tools I’m using are huge, and I get to build a beautiful, super fast, modern website, with full access to customize everything.

On this site I do it all short of running my own servers. Managing the domain, connecting my hosted services, writing the code, design (with some help from the Tailwind UI templates), photography, graphics, writing content, etc.



Ken Webb is a Seward neighborhood handyman who does really amazing work, and he wanted to find more ways to highlight that work on his existing WordPress.org website using the Divi theme. He was already making regular blog posts on Facebook, so I suggested that he take ownership over that content by moving that activity to his website and using Facebook to drive traffic to his website. That’s a lot of new habits, so besides templating the blog page and posts, my work included some tutoring sessions to get Ken comfortable with making the updates on his website and uploading and embedding YouTube content on his own going into the future. I think it’s going great! HomeProudHandyworks.com


This is a custom Shopify Storefront I built for my mom’s textile arts. It’s built on Gatsby-Tailwind-Netlify. Please go browse the spectacular pictures of 100+ scarves, shawls, and hats. Store.NancySchultzColor.com


May’s Domain is an eclectic blog and shop highlighting May Cato as an author, tarot reader, and more. The site is built on WordPress.org with a free theme. I also publish May’s books and cards. Go check it out! MaysDomain.com (@tarotselfiesbymay on Instagram)



Milwaukee Avenue Homeowner’s Association approached me to make some changes and clean up the functionality of their site with some informational pages and private/public sections. They had an existing WordPress.org site, so it just needed a theme change and a little bit of cleanup on the content.

This is a great example of what you can do when you don’t need a lot of features and want to keep upkeep and implementation costs to a minimum. mahampls.org


Space Crimes

Space Crimes is a project in process in collaboration with my cousin (@docbrightjnw on instagram) as illustrator, head designer, and art director, as well as some other people contributing story elements to ultimately become a world book and interactive storytelling medium.

My part in this project is doing the web front-end and back-end to bring the designs to life. Similar to ZekeCato.com, I am using Gatsby-Tailwind-Netlify as my stack.


ZCE Tools

ZCE Tools is a project aimed at making administrative tasks in running my business easier and more integrated. Currently it features a time tracker with natural language text interpretation for time inputs. The time tracker lets me credit or debit time records to a customer account. Next in the roadmap is creating a view of invoices so I can tie time records to charges on the invoice, and export those invoices to send to my clients.

Key Technologies Used: React, Gatsby, Tailwind, GraphQL, Fauna