Zeke Cato Enterprise

IT consulting, academic services, and crafts of all kinds.

My name is Zeke Cato. I'm a technology consultant and services provider in the Seward neighborhood, Minneapolis, MN. I support IT operations for non-profits and small businesses, and provide educational and technical services to individuals as well.

Recent Writings

Preorder Now -- Witch's Calendar and Planner 2024

May and I have been collaborating on books for over a decade now. She as the writer, I as the editor and publisher. This is the second year we have released a planner, and I'm really proud of how it turned out. Preorders open now through October at maysdomain.com

Electricity and Magnetism Physics Lab Designs

I created a lab curriculum and put together most of the needed supplies from Axe Man. And really, I was looking for an excuse to go to Axe Man every week.