Taking care of people, by taking care of their computers.

The mission that guides my work is to increase the technological health for small businesses, non-profits, and individuals in Seward and surrounding neighborhoods.

Technological... health?

Technological health means organizing and securing the information that's important and useful to you. It also means making sure that your software and hardware are matched to your goals. Of all of the challenges of running a business, organization, hobby projects, and more, I don't want your computer or web services to be one of them.

General IT Consulting and Services

I can help you navigate the ever-changing sea of questions, issues, and decisions that come up when you are running your nonprofit organization, small business, or home office.

Computer Systems Analyst

You can hire me to help you configure your IT systems and learn how to better make your tools suit your work, and not the other way around.

Freelance Web and Software Development

Launch a new website, maintain an existing website, or get some puzzles solved on your custom integration or other web-based application. I'm familiar with a variety of languages and technologies from the full stack. SQL, Javascript, HTML, CSS, React, C# and more.

Friendly and patient computer skills tutoring

Often the best thing to do is to sit down together with a list of questions and go over them one by one. In this way you can learn how to make the computer a more efficient tool for you, and I can help address issues or make recommendations as needed.

Supporting artists and community organizations

It's important to me that my work can have a direct impact on the community members and organizations with causes close to my heart.

Links to some of the projects I've worked on

  • ZekeCato.com - This website!

    This site is a modification of a template from TailwindUI. It runs on NextJS and Markdown.

  • Daily Changes Astrological Calculator

    I started looking into how to calculate astrological aspects when May and I started working on the Witch's Calendar 2023.


  • May's Domain - Holistic Wellness Advisor

    I work with May Cato of May's domain doing editing, layout and publishing for her tarot cards, planners, and books.


  • Nancy Schultz Textile Artist

    I work on Nancy's website, some marketing, and built the online store.


  • Homeproud Handyworks

    Ken had an existing Wordpress website, and was looking for advice about how to use it to write his projects blog. I set up some templates he could use to write blog posts on, and hooked up Jetpack so his posts would still be shared to his business' existing audience on Facebook. Then Ken and I worked together practicing the steps to use his new blog. He picked it up and now has a great blog on his website.


Consulting related articles

Business Security Foundations

These are the foundational measures that small businesses and nonprofits can put in place to protect the organization's data from theft, loss, or ransomware attacks.