Show and Tell -- Notes, tips, experiments, etc.

I'm hoping to share something of my long running laboratory notebook here. I'm always learning and practicing new skills. Hopefully some of those lessons learned can be useful to you here.

Preorder Now -- Witch's Calendar and Planner 2024

May and I have been collaborating on books for over a decade now. She as the writer, I as the editor and publisher. This is the second year we have released a planner, and I'm really proud of how it turned out. Preorders open now through October at

Business Security Foundations

These are the foundational measures that small businesses and nonprofits can put in place to protect the organization's data from theft, loss, or ransomware attacks.

Electricity and Magnetism Physics Lab Designs

I created a lab curriculum and put together most of the needed supplies from Axe Man. And really, I was looking for an excuse to go to Axe Man every week.