Electricity and Magnetism Physics Lab Designs

For a few terms, I worked as an adjunct instructor in a program where students could complete their nursing and medical school prerequisites at an accelerated pace. There was no supplied curriculum, only the lecturing professor’s syllabus. I created a lab curriculum and put together most of the needed supplies from Axe Man. And really, I was looking for an excuse to go to Axe Man every week.

The primary focus of this lab series is not ‘getting the right answer’. It’s designed for students to practice observation, note-taking, and critical thinking. I wanted my students to navigate the ambiguous space of relating their observations of real-life, imperfect experiments with the theory they had been learning.

I hope that you find these lab designs interesting and even useful. They are not totally polished, but I did teach labs from them for a few terms and they are a great jumping off point for leading a one-off workshop or series.

Download the Lab Materials on Google Drive